Converted? Converted!

It’s official.   I now have Ubuntu installed and will be playing around with it in the next  while for a variety of things.   Details about the differences between linux and Windows will be mentioned somewhere between now and September or so.


Like everyone else is saying, Ubuntu is easy to install.    The partitioning part took a while and it would have been nice to have a “here’s an approximate amount of time for the changes” piece, but otherwise it was pretty painless.


That’s that.   I am back to being a non-blogger.   You’ll get an occassional impromptu post here and there, that’s all.  🙂

Blogoversary — One Year of The Other Librarian

Yes, one year of the Other Librarian as of 1pm July 5th.    To celebrate, here are some crazy things I like to do that relate to the title of my blog:

  1. Read Husserl, Sartre and Foucault (as per “The Other” in philosophy).   Add the Canadian, Ian Angus, to that list as well.
  2. Do a Google search for “The Other Librarian.”   After this blog, you get some amusing results.
  3. Pretend hard that I am not a librarian and ponder library things.   We are weird folks from other peoples’ perspective.  Honestly.
  4. Try to give someone that personal Librarian experience, whether work related to not.   For instance, I let people know about tags in my delicious account so they don’t have to go looking for all that crazy information they don’t want to search for.

If these don’t make sense to you, check out my very first few posts and get why I started this blog in the first place.