Comment Moderation Policy

While I am not opposed to using comments to promote products and services on the web, I have had a hard time of late trying to distinguish between an honest sharing of product-related information and heinous splogging.  Thus, I have decided to produce a policy for the accepting of comments on this blog.

  1. No harassing, libelous, hate-based or otherwise abusive comments allowed.
  2. Comment links must lead to human-created, original content.    Link farms blogs  and/or microblogs are fine as long as the links are selected by humans (eg. though or twitter).
  3. Promotion of commercial products or services must 1) relate to the content of this blog (precisely, libraries, community development and professional development) 2) clearly display verifiable information about the company/proprietor on the website.
  4. All being said, while I intend to scrutinize comment links, I accept no responsibility for the product and/or services provided on external sites.   Caveat Emptor, please.
  5. If you have any concerns about external links coming from my blog, please contact me so I can scrutinize further.
  6. (NEW)  You can be anonymous in the comments – I won’t share your IP – but if you use a fake IP just to be nasty, Imma gonna delete your comment.
  7. Overall, my intention is to run a blog that is ethical in process, outcome and intent.   You can expect this policy to change so to ensure that these values stay in place.

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