How is the Weather Inside You Right Now?

tule fog

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There is a way of taking a break during an open space session. Basically, you get people to sit around in a circle and you ask them to describe the “weather” in their minds right now.

For those who have never participated in an “Open Space” session or other sorts of unconference-ish activities, the process can be a little overwhelming. Saying “how is the weather inside you?” is a good way to get the frustrations, nerves, excitement, desire, or whatever out.  It also helps to keep social boundaries (real or imaginary) in check — like being overly enthusiastic, or conversely, too critical.

It’s just a way of being aware of yourself. It’s good to know you are angry or ticked or overexcited or even to know that you do not know how you feel about something. . ..   And for someone who is highly critical of himself and others, this is a good way to relay feelings in their natural state.

For me, right now, the weather is uncertain. Just like the weather outside the past few days. It doesn’t know if it wants to rain, or snow, or just stay cloudy.    We have fog one minute and sunshine the next.

Or maybe a better analogy is one of those humid summer days where you know if it would just get it over with and rain, everyone would be sooo much more comfortable.   Instead, that moisture just sits up in the air, making you feel like you are swimming through the atmosphere with no real place to come up for air.

I’m at the stage of a few projects where my true colors will begin to show and I’m beginning to doubt myself at all corners. I know this is normal and I will not let it defeat me. But I’m concerned that I’ve stopped learning and I will remedy that.   Twitter and Ning are not going to relieve that anxiety, I think Web 2.0 has gone Roccoco for me right now and I need a bit of the classical era.

But maybe CIL or an good quality unconference might? Anyone interested in a 3-5 person conference, open space style, but over the phone or skype? IM me if you are interested.

This, I swear, is not intended to be melodramatic or otherwise attention-getting.   It is simply an exercise in professional development and a reflexion on feelings.   Even the library world needs some time off the analytical mode .

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