3 thoughts on “How to Talk About Your Blog in Public

  1. I laughed about the bit.ly/ow.ly part, well and the whole “Because I’m a boy” part.

    The thing is, when I talk to non-bloggers about my blog, I just say that I publish articles on the web. Simple. They get that. Oh, so you’re a writer. Sure.

    I say “sure” a lot.

    In fact, it really depends who I’m having this conversation with whether or not I’ll even mention that I have a blog. I tell lots of folks that I’m a typist.

    : )


  2. Great approach, Chris.

    It’s funny because I’m still reeling from the idea that this is a ‘professional’ blog – meaning that the idea is to share thoughts about what librarians do and how they do it. It doesn’t really occur to me that I am a ‘writer.’ Maybe it should.

    But then that would mean I’d have to edit my work alot better than I do.

    What was that I was saying about respecting my reader again? 🙂


  3. This is common to so many areas of communication. I’m always saying to people ‘just say thank you’ when I give them a well deserved compliment and they start downgrading whatever it is I was complimenting.


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