3 thoughts on “Libraries are Miscellaneous

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been trying to figure out my own understanding of what a public library is “for” and I’ve been going back and forth between “for learning” and “for community” and I particularly liked how you identified the weaknesses of strictly identifying with just one of these concepts.

    Perhaps one way of combining these two purposes is to have public libraries create their own version of the academic “learning commons” that could be tailored it to their own particular communities?


  2. Thought-provoking post, Ryan. I would also argue that libraries are for helping people find the information they need. Information can be found in a number of formats and platforms, including books, multi-media, digital media, online databases, or on social networks (and likely many others).

    In special libraries, a large part of the librarian’s role is to be the intermediary locating the information from these sources. And in some cases, the book is becoming less prevalent in favour of the online sources.

    The need for librarians to understand information management, therefore, as well as keeping up to date with sources, is growing.


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