7 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars: Halifax Podcamp 2009 on January 25th

  1. You bet Ryan!

    We are going to rock Podcamp Halifax big time!

    Being the inaugural go we have only to learn and explore what will happen in this space. I can’t wait to pull it off. There is only ever the first time so I’m stoked.

    To have the support and backing of Halifax Library (which has a special place in my childhood and now my kids childhood world) is a fantastic opportunity to open it up to everyone. This typifies the open access and self regulation of the internet. We will start the engine and try to steer the car but I have the feeling that our passengers will guide this journey.

    Go Podcamp Halifax!



  2. Sounds like a great idea, Ryan. I’ve calendarized Jan 25th, 09. You can probably guess my interests…egov, public/community engagement using socialmedia, gov2.0.

    The library as the site is perfect!

    All the best in organizing the event.



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