Meet-ups and Fanboyisms

I just returned from my very first Third Tuesday New Brunswick event in Moncton.    I had alot of fun, met alot of interesting people and also got to meet Amber MacArthur, Jeff MacArthur and Christopher Dick.     Honestly, it great to meet web celebs who are willing to give you five minutes of their time to chat about whatever.   If you don’t know about these guys and/or CommandN, you oughta go check it out.   The product is good and they deserve the advertising revenue.

And in case you didn’t know, there are Third Tuesday Meetups in alot of other places as well.    Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have Third Tuesday meetups as well.   Of course there is also a Third Tuesday copycat in Halifax called ForthThursday as well.     If you are a librarian interested in learning more about social media, you oughta show up for one of these events.    Already I have found the network has provided me with good number of ideas about how to serve the community better.