Librarian 2.0 Gets Out Into the Community

SA – HRP floor hockey, May 27, 2008 082

Originally uploaded by maritimes online.

Every tuesday for the past two winters (and the fall too), I’ve volunteered with the Salvation Army, organizing floor hockey with some teenagers.

Saying “volunteering” is kind of a joke, because mostly I’m having a lot of fun getting my pants deked off me by a bunch of highly skilled floor hockey players half (and sometimes as little as a quarter) my age.

Does the occasional mention of the library happen? You bet it does. Does it need to be the focus of our conversations? Nope. The only mandatory thing is that I have to wear my Toronto Maple Leafs jersey — even when they fail to make the play-offs.

On the day this picture was taken, the young hockey players got ever-so-close to beating a team of Halifax’s finest police officers, but lost 10-9. Believe me, the police officers did not pull any stops getting that win — I had to dodge a few laser beam wrist shots just to protect myself! The kids blocked some serious shots, played solid defence and dazzled those grown men with some keen passes, sharp shooting and a whole lot of team work.

I looked forward to these games every week, and even lost about an inch and a half off my girth. It was the easiest community work I ever did. I recommend that every librarian try and take the opportunity to do something similar in their communities.

Every librarian that gets out into the community will spread the positive learning message. In the long-haul, a simple act of volunteering will out-do any Web 2.0 activity you could do. Go out there and make a difference!

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