Passion Quilt Meme

off to work..

Originally uploaded by *Solar ikon*.

Ok I was tagged by Cindi and Amanda for the Passion Quilt Meme. I’m not a meme-ish sort of person — probably because anyone I tag usually does not end up doing the meme.

So, you are supposed to grab a photo from Flickr’s Creative Commons or other photo directory, and caption it with a statement that you feel passionate about for children.

My caption for this photo is:

Follow the path that works.

There’s so much mumbo-jumbo out there, and to be truthful — I’m glad for it. Mumbo-jumbo makes the world go round. If it didn’t, there would be no such thing as YouTube, Flickr or even libraries for that matter. And there’s a mumbo jumbo for just about everyone.

The only problem is when you are following your own bit of mumbo jumbo, realize that it is doing nothing for you and yet you still keep wasting your time on it. That’s when you must, for your own sake, step off the path a bit and move to something better. Do not deny yourself this courtesy. And if you think this courtesy is going to hurt someone you love, well, be gentle yet firm. You’ll probably find that they were on the wrong path too.

No need to be a mumbo jumbo snob, either. To each their own. Love the mumbo jumbo. Be kind to yourself first.

And one more thing. . .. If you are in a room. Look for the person who is obviously out of place: that person who wears a mohawk at a business luncheon; a summer dress in a power suit atmosphere; or whatever makes them look unique in that crowd.

That’s the person you want to talk to to find some wicked mumbo jumbo.   Go say “hello!”

Tagging new Halifax social media peeps:

Shannon (who wasn’t there, but said she wanted to be — and her blog is cool and I need a fifth.)

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