A Rise in the Halifax Local Network?

Just by playing around with the TwitterSearch API I found a few interesting Halifax Twitterfolk.   One of them was Ben Boudreau another was Carman Pirie.  All of the sudden, my Halifax Twitwork began to expand.   It was exciting — I love discussing things with librarians from far-off places, but I really love talking to people locally as well.   And the crew from Halifax are a great one.

Then one of my posts made it to a local news service call Halifax Infomonkey.

Then, Carman and Ben got the idea for a social networking meeting.   Then I met some interesting people (more or less) who are both local and interested in using social media for new and innovative things.   They even politely listened while I gave my 5 minute speech about our recently CAP-ed off Learning 2.0 program.   I talked about EEE computers and switching to Mandriva from Xandros, what are the barriers to tech innovation in Halifax, and so on.   This was a very valuable meeting and I am glad to hear that we are thinking monthly get-together.   That’s because at least one person said they wished they could come.

One last special thanks as well to Colour for putting up for some snacks.   What a smart bunch of people!   See you next month folks!

3 thoughts on “A Rise in the Halifax Local Network?

  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing this great example! While social software can be about creating connections with people who are distant, it also can be very much about connecting more with like-minded local people. Jessamyn is always meeting cool people in VT through the tubes and then I get to meet them when she invites a whole bunch of us over to her place for a meetup. She’s singlehandedly created my outside-of-work Vermont network. 🙂


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