A Rise in the Halifax Local Network?

Just by playing around with the TwitterSearch API I found a few interesting Halifax Twitterfolk.   One of them was Ben Boudreau another was Carman Pirie.  All of the sudden, my Halifax Twitwork began to expand.   It was exciting — I love discussing things with librarians from far-off places, but I really love talking to people locally as well.   And the crew from Halifax are a great one.

Then one of my posts made it to a local news service call Halifax Infomonkey.

Then, Carman and Ben got the idea for a social networking meeting.   Then I met some interesting people (more or less) who are both local and interested in using social media for new and innovative things.   They even politely listened while I gave my 5 minute speech about our recently CAP-ed off Learning 2.0 program.   I talked about EEE computers and switching to Mandriva from Xandros, what are the barriers to tech innovation in Halifax, and so on.   This was a very valuable meeting and I am glad to hear that we are thinking monthly get-together.   That’s because at least one person said they wished they could come.

One last special thanks as well to Colour for putting up for some snacks.   What a smart bunch of people!   See you next month folks!