CIL 2008

Here is the link to my presentation slides.

Here is the link to a script I devised a little while ago.   (This was not the script I used at the presentation — I was editing the presentation as I went along.)


2 thoughts on “CIL 2008

  1. The phrase “face to face social networking” is very evocative, but I don’t understand where this fits in from your slides. Hope you’ll post more soon, Ryan.

    And could you please check link to your script?


  2. Thanks for feedback, Jodi and sorry for not getting to this sooner. I’ve been a little short on digital time these days.

    In broad terms, the relationship of face-to-face social networking to the presentation happened in the stories. For instance, the story that teens were getting dressed up to come to the library to use our laptops, and how laptops appear to increase the in-person contact that we have with teens and non-users.

    I hope this helps. I may do another post on this one later on.


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