National Film Board of Canada Has a Twitter Account

From the Myths On My Shoulders blog, the National Film Board of Canada has opened a Twitter account.

I’m a big advocate at watching what other industries do with services to see what might work for libraries.   While in its infancy, I am pretty interested to see what the Film Board will use the account for.   There may be plenty we can learn from these innovative folks.

2 thoughts on “National Film Board of Canada Has a Twitter Account

  1. Hey Ryan – Thanks for mentioning the Twitter account.

    I just set it up yesterday as a way to reach more people with our film news and updates.

    I think we’re going to start micro-blogging what’s happening during productions too. Talk about rough-cut screenings, etc. Just generally try to be more transparent and gregarious online.

    On a personal level, I love Twitter. So it helps me keep up to date with what’s happening at the NFB while I’m out of the office.



  2. Heya – seconding Matt’s thanks. Yeah, we’ll be twittering what’s going on behind the NFB gates, as well as what can be seen on TV, theatres, and other tidbits of NFBness around.

    If you have any suggestions of news you’d like to hear, etc. please let us know.

    Also, I’ll be twittering about what Matt is doing in the office. He’s a quite a character. 😉

    Aisling Chin-Yee
    (the other) Editor,


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