Tell me what you think. . .

We are launched in beta with a new website over the holiday on January 17, 2008 and I would really appreciate your feedback. Your information will be really valuable to me because we are already looking at a review of the website just as fast as we launch it. True to principle, we may never get out of beta.

Untrue to principle, at least for the short term, there are no RSS feeds yet. They will be coming I promise — it’s just that there are some minor tweaks that need to happen and folks are doing vacations right now. Look out for them on the left hand side of the page, beneath the programs though.

I’d would also really like it if people could do a test using the following:

1. A mac

2. A screen reader or other assistive technology.

3. Non-Firefox or IE browsers.

4. Handheld browsers, especially the iPhone.

As any web designer knows, it’s really hard and expensive to cover every single base out there. We are using web standards, so most things should be fairly operable, but you can only be sure if you actually have a system in front of you.

9 thoughts on “Tell me what you think. . .

  1. I’m using a Mac – it looks really nice and is easy to use. Good job. BTW, How do you like joomla? We use joomla for our library website, too.


  2. For testing purpose, Browserpool offers a service that lets you try out your site on different platforms/browsers (not free, but a free testaccount is available). (I’m not linking, just add .com to the name)


  3. I tested it in Slim Browser (my mom uses that – FF is “too much” for her) and it looks and works great! Nice job!


  4. I looked at your site from work (on a PC using IE7) and from home (on a Mac using Safari). Everything I tried worked except for the ‘beta’ ask-a-librarian form; as a reference librarian who keeps pushing our Web folks on our need to have ask-a-librarian much more prominent, I really raised my hopes when I saw your ask button.

    I too appreciated your text size adjuster – it really works throughout the page; bravo!


  5. looks nice and functions well — curious did you do the template in house or did you hire out for it? we are currently in closed staff beta of our new site using joomla — we go live public beta january 1


  6. Hey James. Sorry about the beta form. All of the forms are not fully functional yet because we want to test out our new form scripts.

    But as a preview — the idea is that we are going to create a subject drop-down. That drop down will route messages based on the question (circ questions to circ people, reference questions to reference people, technical questions to technical people and so on).


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