Flocking to Flock?

A new browser, just out of beta!    I gave Flock a try and it’s pretty fun, actually.    The main feature I would say are the social-software integration.   This browser is intended to handle all of those accounts that you’ve booked into, whether it be Facebook, or Twitter or Flickr.

The big feature I would say are the sidebars.   There is a “People” sidebar that will store all of your social software friends’ info for easy access all the time (“no sir, I’m not on facebook — it’s just constantly hooked into my browser!”).  And then there’s a media sidebar that can remind you of all your favorite pictures, videos and whatnot.  There’s a “My World” tab which appears to be a built-in portal of all your favorite things.


There’s alot of fun to be had here.    Who says that the Web is platform?  It’s like we almost forgot that it’s the browser that helps us turn that web into a platform.   Flock seems to be a strong reminder of that fact.


3 thoughts on “Flocking to Flock?

  1. I tried Flock a while ago when it first started. It’s starting to look tempting again, but I’m just not sure I can leave FireFox behind.

    Maybe I will give it another try.


  2. Yeah, right . The cool kids are raving about another browser. Sigh. They are probably right – but what about that cool LibX FF extension that we are just about to launch in our library. Huh? Huh?

    I’ve only just persuaded our web-thingy person that FF is srs browser and that LibX is worth putting limited time into and now something better comes along. Hoo Boy.

    (I like ranting on your blog. It’s the second time I’ve done it. I’m usually very well mannered in the comments on other blogs)


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