Learning 2.0 and away we go!

I’m happy to say that the Halifax Public Libraries have launched their Learning 2.0 program with quite a bit of fanfare, I am happy to say.   Jessamyn West, the ever-so-wonderful Librarian.net blogger helped us launch and she basically knocked everybody’s socks off.

After Jessamyn’s talk, we explained the program and then got people on laptops to play a little with some of the technology.   A few people got finished early, so I gave them some play-doh — which went with the theme of “play” that David Lee King  and Helene Blowers always talks about.

People are pretty enthusiastic about the project.   Even though the first two “things” are just about familiarizing yourself about Library 2.0 & the program, people are already starting their own blogs.

The other embarrassing thing was that people are using the search terms library 2.0 public libraries and getting my “top ten no-brainers” post, which wasn’t my intention at all.     In fact, I hope people look for other things to read and that’s why I provide Jennifer Macaulay’s small little library 2.0 bibliography chock full of excellent posts about making libraries a little more user-centered.

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