I’m #22!

I was absolutely astonished to discover that I am #22 on the Online Education Database‘s list of the top 25 bloggers. All grains of salt are required about the numbers. A bunch of blogs were not included in the study that could easily kick my pagerank backside. To name four: Information Wants to be Free (Meredith Farkas), LibraryBytes (Helene Blowers), Library Stuff (Steven Cohen) and Caveat Lector (Dorothea Salo).

The things that gave me a lead, I think, were 1) I have a relatively high page rank. I do not know why this is the case. and 2) Somehow I got a point in the Alexa ranking, which many blogs did not have.

Like all things rank-based, once you get down below #20, only the tiniest little advantage over the other blogs can bring you to the top of the heap. In fact, I think you can pick any of the blogs from the list and get a good read.

That said, if you think I’m going to take any of this data into perspective and shut up about the ranking, you are totally and emphatically wrong. :):)

I’m #22!

I’m #22!

I’m #22!

8 thoughts on “I’m #22!

  1. Ryan,
    I just want to say that you are great and you could be Higher in the rankings than stated, as I see they did not rank the number of people who use google reader,like me 🙂


  2. Oh, and Sonja: The use of Bloglines count is because it’s discoverable. I can’t find out how many Google Reader subscribers Ryan has unless I ask him (and maybe not even then)–but Bloglines will tell anyone how many Bloglines subscribers he has. That’s why they use that one (as I do): It’s one of few discoverable metrics. (It’s also still the most widely used reader, apparently.)


  3. Thanks Connie, though I think they did the ranking before I got in my ranty mood.

    No one mentioned the preponderance of Canadians on the list either, so let me be the first.

    I love uncontrolled vocabulary, though I think the late nights are killing me. But I want to do the next one, because I really want to show how far I can get my tongue inside my cheek with all my #22 bragging. 🙂


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