Comments or Splogging?

For some reason, I have been receiving comments that have made it difficult for me to moderate.      That’s why I have found it necessary to create a “comment moderation policy.”   Feedback is appreciated.   It’s pretty standard fare, but necessary I think.   I would hate for someone to get scammed because of a link coming from my blog.   At the same time, I can’t spend years of my time trying to guess whether something is legit or not.

So, I outlined as best as I could, a policy that should help me determine what is or is not an appropriate comment for this blog.   If you feel that your comment was legit and I decided to block it, well you have three options.   1)  Change the page link so that it meets my comment requirements and comment again.  2) Demonstrate to me how your blog meets my policy requirements.  or 3)  Prove to me that I am Draconian with my blogging policy, in which case I may consider a change in policy.

Otherwise, expect your comment to be placed in my spam filter.    And, that could mean that Akismet accepts similar comments as spam as well.   Sorry, but this blog is for 1) me and 2) librarians interested in reading what I write.    Being able to promote a service, book or cause is a bonus that I am willing to tolerate within certain guidelines that are hardly unreasonable given the environment these days.

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