My Interpretation of Library 2.0 in Strategic Terms

As I mentioned before (more than once for some reason), I was at the CLA Emerging Technologies Pre-conference and did a presentation called “Library 2.0 is the Answer!  Now what are the questions again?”

In my presentation, I wanted to come up with a definition for L2 that focussed on strategy or actions rather than theory and buzzwords.   This is my list of “L2 decisions.”

1. Understand social aspects of the web (Web 2.0), and exploit them to build community.

2. Emphasize innovation over elbow grease.

3. Be intolerant of institutional barriers.

4. Favor the wisdom of diverse, independent and decentralized “crowds” over the authority of elites.

5. Empathize (obsessively) with the user’s experience, and invite their participation.

I really invite anyone to comment on the accuracy/clarity of these items, in case I want to bring them up again in another presentation.    One change I thought about was that “intolerant” of institutional barriers is not quite the right L2 thing.   Maybe I mean “don’t let institutional barriers get in the way” or something like that.

Jessamyn West has a presentation and a resource list that might help alot in this discussion as well.    Not that it hasn’t existed before, but I like that people are talking about actions to take toward L2, rather than dealing with theory.  The theory stuff is neat, but people on all sides get bogged down over principles, values and nomenclature.   When you recommend actions to go along with the theory, then everything becomes so much clearer.


2 thoughts on “My Interpretation of Library 2.0 in Strategic Terms

  1. I’m working on a presentation idea to explore this sort of thing at a very practical, down to earth level. A lot of commentary on L2 tools focuses on possibilities, which is exciting for the early adopters, but not so much for the majority. I’m finding that in order to get the majority on board, I need to provide some practical models of how use of L2 can improve work for both individuals and groups. To that end, I’m working on a blog/site to work on/explore some very nuts and bolts uses/models (I like /ing things today, i guess) of core L2 technologies, like RSS, social bookmarking, and blogs. I’d love to have your perspective on what I’ve come up with so far.
    Social Network Strategies


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