8 Random Things

I was tagged by Rachel Singer-Gordon.   Eight random things about me — here we go!

1.   I love where I live because I walk to work (20 minutes) and to groceries (about 2 minutes) without being stuck in the middle of a big smoggy city (nor paying the exorbitant rent).

2.  I’ve switched to Chai/Chamomile/Yerba Mate tea for my “second coffee.”  I’m hoping it calms me a bit more.

3.  I’m a really good D.J. at parties with a knack for getting 15-year-olds to dance to songs that 70+ year-olds like and vice-versa.   It’s all in the transition.   If you blend the songs well, people will forget they are dancing to Tony Orlando.  🙂

4.  In grade 11 I was all about Chemistry;  in 12 it was all about English and languages;  in my undergrad I took English, but did best in History and Stats.   Then I took alot of economics and public policy via a public administration degree to go along with my MLIS.   All the while, I TA’d a Music Appreciation class and sang in a Jazz quartet.   And my job is all about web design and technology planning.    I don’t really know what I’m good at.  🙂

5.  I love spiders and like to throw crane flies into their webs for their lunch.    I know — poor crane flies.

6.  I like to dance, so I usually found myself going to gay bars when I was in my party days (a guy like me can dance in a gay bar and not get beaten up) .   I’m also very good at assessing a lighting situation so I can be well lit at the right times.

7.  It’s very rare that I watch movies of any sort.   It’s either War and Peace or a brainless blockbuster, and even then I am very selective.    I like Tim Burton though.

8.  I like barley, but I’m afraid it might make me go into anaphylactic shock one day.   I’ve certainly found myself blowing up like a balloon after eating it.

There’s no way I’m going to be able to think of 8 random blogging people, so I’m going to tag Sarah Clark, Walt Crawford, and Kathryn Greenhill eight times each.

3 thoughts on “8 Random Things

  1. Heh. I keep doing it because you keep not doing it. I guess I like to keep at the end of a branch. Perhaps that makes you the sun (not part of the game, but somehow a focus point anyway)?


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