Heart’s All A-Twitter

Well, I’ve had a twitter account for a while now, I just haven’t been ready to use it very much. I didn’t add friends or etc. and probably more confusing, I used my long-lost moniker “Greebie” as my login.

(Aside:  I’ve had “Greebie” as an alias since the 80s.   Back in the BBS days, I was called “The Grblyn.”   Friends would call me “Greebie” for, erm, short.   I’ve used it ever since.)

As mentioned before, I really felt that Twitter really helped people connect during the CIL conference.

Well, I’ve started and I’m ready to go! It reminds me alot of my old chat room days, just much more friendly and convenient.


2 thoughts on “Heart’s All A-Twitter

  1. Hi Ryan:

    Thanks for the twitter link…I’ve just added you in as well. Sorry I missed meeting you at CIL. I agree with the comments that the networking was probably the most valauble aspect of the whole thing. It was just fantastic to meet others who knew what the heck I was talking about. 🙂

    Connie Crosby


  2. Connie,

    We *did* meet! 🙂 I was the guy in David Lee King’s presentation on change management that got all of the advice about how to communicate in a way (ways) that don’t perpetuate a culture of “no.” You responded too. 🙂

    That said, we didn’t do coffee/beers/dinner to have a real discussion on library stuff. 🙂 Next time. Are you going to the CLA preconference on L2 by chance?


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