Twittering So You Don’t Have To

David Lee King has  thankfully done the exploration here on Twitter, so I don’t have to — yet.    With the Library 2.0 Ning site and a gazillion other things to do, I don’t really have time to try it out, but it sounds cool.   Go fer it!

What A Three-Year-Old likes to Do When He is Sick

The first thing I hear when I got home friday was “Ryan, just so you know: Adrien is not feeling well today.”

The first thing I see is this:


The next few days were all about being pushed asunder in the middle of the night by a sniffling monster who decided he wanted to sleep with us instead. Then, it was getting up at between 4 & 5:30 each morning to have “fun” in anywhere except bed. I managed to re-negotiate the “fun” to a nap on the sofa instead.

But, this picture makes it worthwhile. If my boy is not destined toward geekdom, I’ll eat that John Madden 2005 CD he has with him!