One Good Reason not to Restrict Access to YouTube in Schools

I wrote it before: blogging librarians are community-engaged librarians.

The same apparently applies to principals. The broad point behind all of this is that, if you access the online world in skilled ways, you can also access your community, who is going to be accessing the online world whether you like it or not.

In this case, we have a principle who caught his students fighting and posting the video online. He watched YouTube and he caught the students. One great life-lesson pending for some young people, and one community that is just a little bit happier that its young people are being made accountable for their actions.

I’m not calling for net vigilanteeism from librarians here, just awareness. There are alot of scams, hoaxes, urban myths, and various other kinds of misinformation out there in the online world. We should be prepared to help out when we can — Second life-wise or other ways.