Managing the Extension Problem

Since I went out on a limb by adding the “ extension” to my “10 library 2.0 no-brainers” post, I thought I should at least explain a way you can remove the problem with people accessing other people’s bookmarks.

See, with, you always have the option to “not share” your bookmarks. If you selected some “not shared” bookmarks and do not either 1) logout or 2) erase cookies after shutting down Firefox, then the next person who uses the computer will have access to your “not shared” bookmarks. Or worse, they could sabotage the account.

So, adding Delicious might mean you should also have Firefox remove all cookies when the system closes. For FF 2.0 you do this thusly:

  1. Tool > options
  2. On the top bar, click “Privacy”
  3. Check “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox” under “Private Data.”
  4. No, you are not finished yet!
  5. Click “Settings”next to the check box you clicked in #3.
  6. Make sure “cookies” “saved passwords” and “authenticated sessions” are checked in the box (actually, it’s probably not that bad an idea to have all of these checked. This _is_ a public computer we are talking about.
  7. You can check the “Ask me before clearing private data” thing if you want. The cookies will not be a toggled option anyway.
  8. Do a tester. Login to your account with the extension, and then see if you have to login after you restart Firefox. If you do, then it worked!
  9. If you are smart and have your system deep-freezed, you should not have to worry too much about people changing the settings.

Another option is to add “” to the cookie exceptions list (the “exceptions” button is also in the “privacy” tab).

This, of course, is not fool-proof. But it should suffice to keep unwanted sharing of bookmarks from happening to your average user. Then again, I offer no guarantees here! Take my advice as is, please and see if it works for your particular configuration of computer!