Working for the Sally-Ann

So, I volunteered to handle a Salvation Army kettle for two hours at a liquor store. (For those non-Canadians out there, in Canada, all alcohol is handled by government-managed “liquor commissions” or, as we say in Halifax, the “LC.” Side note: if you listen to Sloan’s “Underwhelmed,” they make a reference to “the LC.”)

Well, I didn’t exactly volunteer — my wife volunteered and got sick, meaning I had to take over.

Anyway, I’m no Salvationist, but as I understand it, you don’t have to be to manage a kettle for 2 hours. And I think the Salvation Army can use some kettle-watchers this year. So, there it is. Why not 2 hours of your time to watch a kettle for a good cause. How’zaboutit? Go ahead and give them a call.

It was pretty amazing to see how well-received the SallyAnn is in the community. It was good fun and all I had to do was smile and say “Thank you” here and there. And actually, I have seen some of the work these folks do. Really, they are like a freakin’ army! If something needs getting done they do it on time and with hardly any budget. Putting a dollar there is like putting a fiver anywhere else.

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