Something Shared Since Suspicion Says Seeming Slothfulness is Certain for me.

SSSssssssssssssss! 🙂

Apologies for being so neglectful recently. I have been privately exploring the wonders of XSLT. This is basically an XML schema you can use to turn an XML file into other XML files, Html files or even just plain text (which means you can turn an XML file into PHP, Java or other things as well).

XSLT is also broader than that, I have learned. There is XPath, which basically gives the rules for navigating through an XML document. XQuery which lets you query anything that can process XML (that means databases too)!. Then there is XSL-FO, which can help you re-format XML data into blocks of information on a webpage.

And there’s more, like X-Forms, X-link and X-Pointer (basically ways of doing forms, links and pointers). And then you can get into SOAP and RSS.

I guess I’m saying that this stuff isn’t that hard once you get it. Once you get the idea behind XML and XSL, then the rest is just understanding Syntax. Of course, the hard part is planning the project and getting the logarithms right before you start coding.
(aside: I had a hard time spelling “logarithm” so I Googled to get the correct spelling. Of course, when I finally typed my search, I got the spelling right. Grrr.)

The other thing I’ve been playing with is the Windows Live Local Preview of a Virtual Street Tour.

Definite entertainment and a bar-raising move by Microsoft. I can’t wait to see what Google comes up with to respond!