My Using Meebo

I think Meebo has a great interface, is easy to use and is a great way to integrate all of these IM services into one nice interface.

I am not sure if it will replace Trillian for me yet, though. Here are the main reasons.

  1. I am not yet willing to visit a webpage and keep it running on my desktop to get my IM. The service needs a desktop widget, if possible. The “push” aspect is still a big reason I get on IM when I do.
  2. I like the MeeboMe idea for a blog widget, but I wonder if it leaves me open to spammers and idiots interested in wasting my time.
  3. The IM everywhere doesn’t seem to work for me with Yahoo! Messenger. That’s because I have a computer at home that runs Trillian automatically. I am often already logged in when I go elsewhere to use Meebo.
  4. I don’t like that 4-login front page. There has to be a nicer way to login to separate accounts.

So, right now, Meebo does seem to be a fairly good fall-back, but I’m not ready to make it my main source yet.

I see alot of possible library applications too, especially the MeeboMe feature.

I am concerned about the idiot-MSNer idea though. Blocking someone who is just messing around is a super essential important component of IM services. Not because I want to block people, but because I want to be able to serve the non-idiots better.

The product is still in alpha though, so what can I expect? There is a ton of potential here, and I can’t wait for the day when a product like Meebo finally integrates the IM world.


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