Maven Studies — My Ideal MLIS Program

I am not one to allow myself to complain without coming up with something that leads towards a possible solution.

So, here it is: My first crack at the ideal MLIS program. I put up an introduction and 8 required courses.

And guess what? It’s a wiki. So, if you don’t agree with me, you can fight me for it!

I’d like to see some great requireds and electives. And syllabi. Required reading too! No rules, but remember: people might take you seriously! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Maven Studies — My Ideal MLIS Program

  1. […] Maven Studies: The Ideal Library School Program – Ryan Deschamps’ attempt at developing the perfect library school curriculum. If you thought your library school curriculum wasn’t all it could have been, add your 2 cents to the wiki. I have a feeling that, even with compromising, if everyone adds their 2 cents, the “perfect library school curriculum” would have us going to school for 5 years! Cool idea, Ryan and great use of a wiki. […]


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