Is Technology Really About Technology Anymore?

As I anxiously hope that I can finish all my meetings to make it to Meredith Farkas’s Wiki Webcast, I ponder how the point of alot of the Web 2.0 stuff is that IT is rapidly becoming accessible to the point that people do not need to be techies to be techies.   Yes, this is a condundrum, but it calls for a special kind of Techno-zen.   Here is my three-fold path to technozen:

  • Clear your mind of Technogarb.
    • Let no one speak to you in TLA (three letter acronyms).
    • XML, RSS, PHP, CMS (among others) are illusions.
    • If you are to be afraid, fear the folksonomy itself — not the bulletpoint that says “folksonomy”
  • Experience Past the Technology.
    • Technology in the Web 2.0 world is a “do,” not a “what.”
    • A river is much more than a path of water.  Technology is much more than cool gadgets.
    • Technology is a millionfold other people experiencing past technology with you.
    • The technology presentation powerpoint is an hour and half of a Technozen master telling you to experience past the technology.
    • If it helps, forget that it is technology at all.
  • When Effective, Technology Becomes the Experience
    • Once the system is installed, secure, updated and maintained correctly, there is nothing left but the user experience.
    • Information Architecture is your shield; Effective  Design your lance.  Technology is your horse.  You need to stay on the horse, but it will be the lance and shield you will need to strike true.
    • Your horse will do what you need it to do –ignore him/her and focus on your user’s ideal experience.

I am sure Meredith will cover this in her presentation, but it seems to me that “wiki” is less about a server-side software and more about the people who use it.   From a technology side, a wiki is just another CMS with little-to-no user access control.   From the Technozen side, a wiki (an effective one, that is) is a whole bunch of other people sharing a learning experience.

To highlight that point.  When I experienced “winning” with Italy in the World Cup, I barely realized I was watching a television.  (Actually, I was for Portugal, but Italy was a good second choice).

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