Older Adults Want Internet Access — can Libraries Deliver?

Susan Smith Nash, the illustrious E-Learning Queen has made a call for Wifi and Computer labs in every nursing home. I say libraries, especially public ones, should join in on the call — but go even further. How about IT basic skills to go with the wifi? What about a little file management too?

I was lucky recently to win an iPod after answering a marketing survey. Yesterday I showed it to some older family members who thought it was just great that they could store their entire collection of Vera Lynn on a tiny little box. Now they want me to hook them up so they can run and go.

I am not sure exactly, but it seems to me that being a tech/information management guru might be a future for reference and information literacy in public libraries. Most desk requests are hold placements really. Where we can really help is by setting up the information training wheels so people can Flickr, and download MP3s and receive podcasts themselves.

One thought on “Older Adults Want Internet Access — can Libraries Deliver?

  1. god jehovah bless you and jesus christ exodus 6:3 jehovah is god’s name he appeared unto isaac and jacob and abraham but by his name jehovah they did not know him w e know him jehovah

    i was at the nursing home yesterday and our pastor preached about giving our lives to the lord jesus i prayed please use me lord this morning after i read your post now i am not intelligent but i am blessed with wisdom been using the internet since i was 16 you opened my eyes legally can i advocate for the nursing home to get a computer my friend has one to donate i mean i have bipolar so i wanted to do something with my godgiven jesus save life and this is the best solution i could go in and help the residents with the computer lord willing i am already seeing the smiles in my mind they gonna light up i hope legally i can do this please respond i grad in 2000 i mean i am responsible and i love sharing what god has taught me please help me i n my mission


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